London Cocktail Week [Part 3]

Having taken Wednesday off, on Thursday lovely girlfriend met me at work (after some funtimes with City Mapper and it’s walking directions!) and we headed to a faithful favourite in the form of City of London Distillery (actually discovered at last years cocktail week). Despite the faithful favourite status, I was more than a bit worried, given that the first things I’d had on previous nights had been revolting, but the run had to break somewhere, right?

Their drink was called Green Eggs and Ham, so even if I’d not been excited by going to COLD, that’d have gotten me there anyway. It took the form of gin (duh!), with pineapple, pistachio milk and egg white all garnished with some pistachio dust and a twist of prosciutto.img_2469It was NOM! All of the nom. It showcased the gin really well, it was sweet, sour, salty and bitter all at once but also had a lovely creaminess thanks to the egg/pistachio milk. It looked fantastic and had a Dr Suess theme. I’m not entirely sure what more you could ask for from a cocktail to be honest!

We had friends coming over that evening so headed home (but not before another drink!). I had a COLD Hearted – which was – surprise surprise another citrusy gin drink! Lovely and zingy and again showcased the gin really well. Of course, I can’t remember what was in it and should possibly consider starting to take notes!img_2472

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