Whisky in the jar-o

I like to try many many different whisky’s. This could potentially get incredibly expensive – either having to go to a bar and spend £Lots or buying whole bottles of many whisky’s and spending £Lots. This is where those good people at Drinks by the Dram come in amazingly handy!

They basically make miniatures out of bottles of proper spirits. This can be anything from reasonably standard to incredibly rare (I once treated myself to 30 millilitres of a Port Ellen whisky from just before the the distillery closed in 1983 – that set me back about what I normally spend on a whole bottle of single malt, but sometimes you have to!). They also do boozy advent calendars with a miniature for each day!

Last year I treated myself to the whisky one. Unfortunately I was rather ill during advent last year so I still have most of them (along with a rum tasting set, some christmas crackers with booze in and assorted others I’ve acquired at various points). I try to keep tasting notes. I’m not very good at tasting notes. I will from time to time be posting these not fantastic and generally entirely unhelpful tasting notes.

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