On being a wine wanker


On the eve of London Wine Week (yay!) I thought I’d take some time to witter on about wine. Increasingly over the past year or so wine has become my drink.

This is both utterly unsurprising, and, given my love of beer and cocktails, completely shocking. There’s a lot of reasons why this is the case. The most obvious and simple one is obvious and simple.

Wine makes me happy.

I can’t really tell you why. It just does. I just like wine is all. Maybe it’s at least in part the social aspect. Wine comes in bottles that are made to be shared. Sitting down with a bottle of wine and some friends or loved ones is a great social experience.

I think the other big thing that’s driven me towards being a wine person is that OK wine is still OK. As long as wine is over a certain threshold of quality then it can make me happy. I can have tried some absolutely amazing fine wines and still enjoy a bottle of wine for a fiver from Lidl. As an aside Lidl sell some excellent, and very reasonably priced wines! I definitely can’t say the same of other things, particularly cocktails.

I struggle to drink anything other than excellent cocktails (although in this case it’s mostly because non-fancy-ass cocktails tend to be very sweet). It’s getting that way with beer too, and don’t even get me started on coffee, I am SO picky. This is really difficult, because I’m also a massive caffeine addict and really can’t cope without it!

Also wine tastes nice.

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