Ankh More Port

I visited a Portuguese restaurant a couple of weeks ago. Yes. Another one. Turns out lots of seafood, fatty pork and good wine works for me. Who knew? Bar Douro is in one of the arches in Flat Iron Square. Flat Iron Square is a sort of purpose built casual restaurant/street food/pop-up area. It’s down the road from Borough Market and does what it does very well. This particular one is run by the heir to the throne of Churchill’s Port. Seems like a good thing to be. This means that they do a port flight. A flight of port. There was no way I could not have that, so between the small plates and dessert, we did just that. It was a whistle stop tour of the entry to the Churchill selection.

First up was a White Port. I’d say I always forget that I like white port. That’s not true though. Factually accurate would be saying that I always forget white port is a thing. When I remember it is a thing, I know that it is delicious and that I am a huge fan. This was no exception. It’s plenty sweet with enough acid and spice to cut through. Given how warm the restaurant was (full to bursting and has an open kitchen) it was VERY welcome.

Next was a ten year old Tawny. It was not too sweet. It was rich with dried fruits and almost citrusy stuffs too. Nom. It’d go well with cheese and/or Nata tarts. No prizes for guessing how I tested out this theory.

We finished off with a 2011 Late Bottle Vintage. This was a very full on port. It had lots of everything you think of when you think port. Powerful. For some unknown reason, I worried that I wouldn’t actually enjoy the port flight as much as I thought I would. I was very wrong. All three were great. I like Port. Lots.

The Tawny was my favourite of the three. Lovely Girlfriend and I both ordered another to have with our Nata tarts for pudding (what else was I going to have?). The only real problem is that it’d had an amazing review in The Guardian the Saturday before we went. It was SO rammed it was insane. The staff were all on the verge of a nervous breakdown. (and also upset that they couldn’t actually chat to the people they were serving, which is a good sign). If you’re going to go to a casual restaurant in London, avoid times when it’s been in a national news paper. Definitely going back soon. Especially as I’d like to try their White Port and Tonic aperitif.

Bar Douro
Arch 35b
Flat Iron Square
Union Street
London SE1

[Sorry for the lack of any Terry Pratchett based content, but I couldn’t not use that title, once I’d come up with it]

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