Continuing a theme

I live very close to an area known as Little Portugal. It’s nowhere near the Portuguese restaurant mentioned in the last post. It does have plenty of them though. It also has a wine shop. Seemed worth a visit! It was a great little shop run by an importer. The staff were very happy and helpful. Slight oddness was that despite me as a person, we only left the shop with one bottle of wine. While in theory this is a good thing as there was no pushy selling or big up-sell. I’d actually quite like to have bought another bottle or two and was pondering white port. Of course I was pondering white port. I’ll definitely be heading back at some point rather soon for some (it’s closed on Sunday, or I’d probably already be on my way in that direction!).
We’ve been drinking a lot more white that red at the moment, which from Portugal means one thing. 
It’s one of my current favourites for just drinking. It’s a nice medium body, medium acid, dry white (see! I learned to not just say all of the noms!). It doesn’t need food. It’s a bit floral/botanical so it’s also matches well with seafoods. The one we actually had fits that description exactly. It was a soft and tasty while not being too full on. It went well with the bowl of seafood pasta we had it with. It was (inadvertently) the best pairing I’ve manages since learning about it.
Luso Wine
7a Victoria Mansions
South Lambeth Road

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