People think I’m sloe… eh!

Around this time last year, a friend of mine got sent back to Canada (due to our stupid rules on how much non-citizens have to earn to stay here – this is going to get a whole lot worse šŸ˜¦ ). She is currently back in the country on holiday and came over to visit yesterday evening.Ā The warranted a celebration, so I invented a new cocktail. It may already exist, but I at least repurposed it.

There is a quote from The Simpsons, where Bart gets sent to special education, that always sticks in my head

I’m from Canada, so people think I’m slow… eh!

With this in mind, and a cocktail needed, it basically built itself.

  • 50ml of sloe gin
  • 150ml of (canada dry) ginger ale (since this has been rebranded to being Schwepps in the UK, I decided to actually use Fever Tree, becauseĀ is much nicer)
  • 25ml of lime juice

Carefully stir over ice to chill while keeping it a little bit fizzy, strain into a coupette with some frozen berries (I used Sainsbury’s Basics frozen summer fruits, as I am classy).

img_2722Surprisingly, for a drink built out of several puns, it was delicious. The ginger and lime cut through the cloying sweetness of the sloe gin, without masking the berry taste. It’s getting added to the repertoire, and not just because I’ve got the rest of a bottle of sloe gin to use up. Yay for bad pun cocktails that work out!

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