A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Bar Termini is one of my very favourite bars. It does great coffee, great drinks and the staff are awesome. I used to go a lot more often than I do, to the extent that when I did go yesterday, one of the staff members told me off for having not been visiting often enough recently. While I am all about trying somewhere new, it is nice to have a local – even when it’s not actually local to either home or work any more.

Bar Termini is another bar run by Tony Conigliaro, who is probably my favourite mixologist. His attention to detail is phenomenal and his drinks are always immaculate and focused entirely on the drink. Tony wanted an Italian bar – so he opened one. It’s a classic 1950’s Italian Bar with everything turned up to 11. The coffee (made on an awesome looking vintage machine) is made with about twice as much actual coffee as most places do. The leather is the right shade of green. The ice cold aged negroni’s are aged and ice colded to perfection. The staff’s white jackets and black trousers are cut in exactly the right way.

It’s always really welcoming. Everyone says hello to you when you walk in (and not just because one of the barmen knows me, this is how come one of the barmen knows me). I actually just went in for a coffee yesterday. That obviously lasted as long as it took for them to give me a menu. While the cocktails – mostly Italian classics with a slightly modern twist – are all awesome, the stars of the show are their range of aged Negroni’s. They do four of them. Two ‘regular’ negroni’s of different ages and the one flavoured with pepper corns and one flavoured with rose petals. They’re all nom. They also have lovely bottle artwork too – as I’ve said, great attention to detail. I had the peppercorn one yesterday. Nom as ever. It’s nice to go back to a favourite place and be reminded why it’s a favourite place.

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