It’s been a while!


Hello Internet!

I’ve not been writing for ages*. Sorry. I shifted from computer programming and data analysis to writing for a living and it made blogging feel too much like work. It also made me a bit miserable, but that’s something I’m now working on. One of the ways I’m working on it is to start blogging again! I may do a boozy catch-up of some of the highlights of drinking (and not drinking over the past however many months. Right now, however is time for birthday drinkings!

Not the lovely Andalućian reds I had during a mini break in Sevilla. Not the insane Bourgogne Blanc from the Cote du Beaune (lol, bone). The wine from London.

Yes. London Wine.

It’s from, and at, Renegade Urban Winery. They buy in grapes from various parts of Europe, freight them in in a chiller and turn them into wine in a railway arch in Bethnal Green. The winery is also the bar, and is very much a craft beer taproom, only for wine. I’m sold! Seriously though, it was really nice, and the staff were great. There was also a dogdog. In fact they are so dogdog friendly that they’ll give you 15% off if you bring one with you. Dogdog.

The wine itself was pretty good too. I tried four of their own while I was there. My favourite by a long way was the barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes were grown in Bordeaux and then naturally fermented in oak barrels. It tasted a bit like what it sounds like. It was a very fresh green tasting wine, but also had a smooth “I’ve been in a barrel” feel to it. It was delicious. Several bottles of it were consumed and another, tipsily purchased, lives in my wine rack. The others were also pretty good if not to the same level  (although the Nat Fiz was way too sweet for my tastes, at least as a drinking wine. It’d probably go very well with a fruity pudding though). Might be worth going back sometime soon when they have more of their own range. And for a cheese board. The cheeseboard looked epic.

Yes. London Wine. Actually worth a go!

Renegade Urban Winery
Arch 12
Gales Gardens
E2 0EJ

[*For those that are into such things I’ve been instagramming booze, though!]

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