Weekend Weekend [part 2]


After a slow start to the day due to that last glass of Sherry (and the rest of the wine too), we ambled towards Tottenham Court Road. The plan was to make our way down through Covent Garden. We were foiled at our first stop. Twice.

First, the friends we were supposed to be meeting up with got massively delayed. Second, and far more frustrating, our first planned destination was closed. Turns out that 10 Cases is shut on a Sunday. A quick bounce round the corner to Li Veli and all problems melted away.

IMG_2866 (1)We were presented with three wines from Puglia with rare native grapes. The white was introduced to us as dangerously drinkable. I will second this. It was dangerously drinkable. I can’t tell you much more about it as it just seemed to go. As did the wine (a red). The last of the three was a much more meaty. I was a very BIG fruity red. It’s a shame I can’t remember what the grapes were. I feel I should have paid a little more attention. [in all fairness, I feel I should have paid more attention to exactly what I was drinking across the board].

Back towards Tottenham Court Road to meet wayward friends and Dalloway Terrace. It’s somewhere that I must have walked past countless times, but never even knew was there. It’s a nice gardeny terrace that’d be great to sip a rosé on in the sun. They planned that well. Anothaer 3 rosés. First up was one from Sancerre. It was 100% Pinot Noir. Minerally. Great for sitting on a sunny terrace drinking. A south african one next. A Mix of several grapes. A bit more fruity than the previous one. Guess what? Great for drinking on a terrace in the sun. Aside from a gamble on London weather, it’s almost like they knew what they were doing. Finally a Rioja rosé. Richest of the three. Probably the nicest of the three. Great for drinking in the sun.

IMG_1249A schlep past an also closed 68 and Boston, we reached Four to Eight. We ended our wine week with food their last year. It seemed at least a little fitting to do the same again this year. A trip from Veneto to Puglia was the theme of their flight. We had mostly polished it off by the time our (very tasty) food arrived. We also managed to not order more wine… until pudding. Then there was pudding wine. A Donnafugata from Sicily. It tasted of all of the peaches. A fine wine to finish wine week on.IMG_1250

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