Part 2.


Wine week really upped it’s game today. This was in no small part due to tasting 19 different wines. Nineteen. None of them were duds. It’s not as alarming as it sounds. Three of us were out this evening and we went to two bars offering three different flights, which we shared. There was also a glass of wine and a snack pairing to make it up to the prime 19.

IMG_1161We started out in Southwark with a glass of Edda, a mostly Chardonnay based wine from Southern Italy. It was also possibly the best wine week experience I’ve ever had. The sommelier at Union Street Cafe was so excited about the wine and wine in general. He took the time to talk about the wine, the wine list and give us a tour of the restaurant/bar areas. Both it and he were great!

IMG_1164A quick bounce across the river to somewhere called High Timber restaurant. They were offering a selection of South African wines and stunning views across the river to The Globe. The waiter was a little surprised at first when we asked for one of each so we could try all of them. By the time he’d actually poured them he seemed to come round. The wines were all from a winery called “Jordan” that apparently used to be a football pitch. While they were all good, their Chardonnay was epic. It was good enough that I bought a bottle. It was also notable levelling up of my wine-nerd-skillz. We couldn’t remember what one of the wines was. I was able to smell it and identify it straight away. Go me! (it was a Riesling, incase you’re wondering).

IMG_1171We finished off the evening in Bread Street Kitchen. Again they had three flights. We had one of each. They were offering a French Flight, an American Flight and a Upcoming Regions Flight. All were excellent. The stand outs were again all Chardonnay based. We also ended up eating there, which turned out to be an excellent idea. Plenty of tasty food to nom.

19 wines. All good. I am interested to see what tomorrow brings!

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