I’m so excited!


and I just can’t hide it! Three simple words.

London Wine Week.

Hopefully I won’t lose control. In this context that’d be bad (although may lead to more Port). It’s my favourite. I love it even more than London Cocktail Week. The deal is this. You buy a wrist band (for the princely sum of £10, or two for £10 if the offer on Time Out is still running). You get a book with a list of 100 or so bars and events. You go to the bars. You get a flight of three wines for a fiver. You can see why I like it.

I’m not entirely sure how I am going to be blogging this. It will probably be a combination of live-blogging via Twitter and Instagram with recaps here.

If you are wine weeking and fancy joining me for a drink at some point. Get in touch!

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