Thats the way to do it!

One of my bosses is a massive beer nerd. Another of them is a cocktail nerd. Last week he suggested we go for a catch up at his favourite bar. Who was I to refuse? He first recommended it to me at Christmas last year, but I’d not actually gotten the chance to go.

Punch Room is in the London Edition Hotel near Tottenham Court Road (not near enough for me to not get totally soaked running from the Tube). As you may guess, they do punch. They do it really well. They have a wide collection of vintage punch bowls. They’re all per person, you can even get individual ones (although they don’t then come in a bowl – so why would you want to do that?).

First up we had a lovely thing that was rum and champagne and fruity things. It was sweeter than I’d normally order but it was so well balanced that I didn’t care. When I say rum, I mean lots of rum. It was wobble makingly strong. It was lovely. And it came in a punch bowl. Which is really cool.

Next up was a port based drink with a herbal syrup and some smokey whisky. It was again sweeter than I’d normally go for. Again it was not a problem. It was nom. All the nom.

I’d definitely like to go back again soon. Preferably with a large group. While the punchbowls for two were cool, a MASSIVE one would be way cooler.

Punch Room
10 Berners Street

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