Pished Fish

Today while walking round my local farmers market (what?) I came across a stall. Booze Infused Smoked Salmon. There is no way on earth I was going to not stop. Stop I did.
“This is our Old Fashioned infused smoked salmon, would you like to try some?”
No prizes for guessing what my answer was. It’s salmon cured in single malt whisky, smoked over oak and then given an orange and maple glaze. It was lovely. It has a nice delicate citrusy sweetness. This offsets the oaky smoke and a very slight extra whisky taste. Having got us hooked (of course pun intended), they introduced to the rest of the line (again, pun intended – not sure how I’m going to get Sinker in, but I’ll try my best):
  • Erik the Red (aquavit, Star Anise and Beetroot)
  • The Augustus Gloop (raspberry vodka and blue berries)
  • Margarita (tequila, lime and coriander)
  • Pale and Interesting (Citrus and IPA)
  • Gin and Tonic (Gin and things that go in tonic)
I was very well behaved and only have a pack of Old Fashioned and a pack of Gin and Tonic. The G&T one uses apple and elder for the smoking so is a lot less in your face smoke wise. It’s as nom as the Old Fashioned one. They’ve recent moved their smoke house from South East London out to Sussex to scale up. This is already scaled up product. I hope it won’t loose any of its nom with increasing production, while also becoming more easy for people to get.

IMG_2766The gin and tonic pack has already gone. We ate it with cream cheese, bagels and a not entirely successful attempt at wine pairing. I think the wine needed to be crisper. A Sauvignon Blanc rather than the Chardonnay. I don’t have any Sauvignon Blanc in.

In theory the Old Fashioned one has a use by date of the 30th, I somehow doubt it’ll make it beyond tomorrow, at best. I will definitely be a repeat customer. I am even pondering signing up for the Monthly subscription. I am often far too lazy to walk the 5 minutes to the farmers market.

The Pished Fish are available online or at Oval Farmers Market every other Saturday.




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