Hippy Wine

I went to a wine tasting. Quelle Surprise.

In my regular coffee shop, just round the corner from work, there was a ‘bio-dynamic, organic and free range (or something along those lines) tasting. This was last week and the tl;dr is that I was so uninspired I’ve struggled to even write a review.


5 wines.

Struggling to review.

Having set out my stall, I’m now going to give it a go. As mentioned the wines were all bio-dynamic. They were also described as having bold characters. The combination of that, and the care that it takes to make bio-dynamic wines (as we were told over and over again), would lead to something special.


None of the wines were amazing. There were a couple that’d be OK if it was a really hot day and the wine was really chilled. Unfortunately it was in London in February and they weren’t. The orange wine (which I’ve not really experienced before) was a bit different and there was an OK Tempranillo. For six quid a bottle they’d have been OK(ish) mid week plonk – They were all in the £15-25 price bracket. Not good.

Having completely not reviewed the wine – I get on to the presentation. The guy presenting the wine had zero charisma. He wasn’t able to present the wines at all. They weren’t good enough to stand on their own so he tried to sell them on the passion of the wine makers and then couldn’t remember the name of the wine makers. He was passionate about bio-dynamic wine but couldn’t actually give much information about them and talking about how they don’t contain sulphates when there’s huge ‘Contains Sulphates’ on all the bottles. Final nail in the coffin – you couldn’t actually buy the wine. Not that I wanted any, but there were plenty of people who did. Instead you had to order a minimum of 6 bottles plus twelve quid postage. I have previous experience with bio-dynamic wine – in fact we have one in the cupboard at the moment, which I’ll open soon so I (hopefully!) have a nice wine to talk about.

Unimpressed by a wine tasting. Not happy.

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