Hair of the dog

This post was supposed to be about the open brewery evening at Hammerton Brewery in Islington, which I attended yesterday evening. It had much tasty beer. Far too much tasty beer. Instead, it has become an ode to the wonderfully restorative properties of the Bloody Mary.

It’s a wonderful thing, the Bloody Mary. That combination of vodka, tomato juice, spicy and salty stuff does wonders for last nights excesses.

You can do almost anything with a Bloody Mary, as long as you stick to the basic blueprint. I’ve had them with beef dripping. I’ve had them with Guinness. I once had one with a couple of slices of sashimi on. While I am clearly not a Bloody Mary purist, thankfully, today’s was nowhere near that challenging. A standard vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and “How hot would you like it?” “hot enough that I shudder a bit” (which thankfully it was) garnished with lemon, cucumber and celery.  It also had a shot of espresso and a fried breakfast on the side. Needed.


I do have certain issues with Bloody Mary’s though. I am not a fan of ones with bits in. I’ve been served them with grated horseradish, chilli flakes, whole peppercorns and all sorts. I’m not sure why, but this just doesn’t work for me. Possibly it’s something to do with clogged up straws preventing me from getting at my drink. Get as much flavour and heat in as you possibly can, but please, keep it smooth.

It’s a very different welcome to most drinks that are welcome. This was VERY welcome.

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